What does it cost?

Those of us who lost our homes to the fire are dealing with our insurance companies and realizing the harsh truth that our policies most likely did not reflect the actual rebuilding costs in today’s environment. We will probably blow through the amount State Farm allowed for our structure, even though they paid us 100% of our coverage in that area.
We are acting as our own general contractor, and hired a project manager to take care of hiring and managing the subs. As such, we don’t have a firm $/sq. ft. budget, but we are expecting about $450/sq. ft.
Before any building is begun, there are a lot of fees to paid, so I’ve consolidated what we’ve paid so far here:

Permit fees, Santa Rosa Resilient City – $6,836
Farrell & Faber Architects – working from existing plans, bringing them up to code and adding some minor tweaks and revisions: $12,000
RGH Geotechnical Services – they review the original geotechnical report for the lot (the company that prepared that one is no longer in business) and give a report on how best to prepare and compact the soils for the new foundation. $2,400
Adobe Associates – They map the site and prepare CAD field and topo drawings – $2,600
Taylor & Sifan – Structural engineers prepare all the calculations for the building loads and foundations needed. $6,600
California Living & Energy – This is part of the new code requirements to bring new structures into “green” compliance. $680
Stockton Environmental – they perform the asbestos inspection – $720
Debris Removal – we opted out of the federal program and hired IMX, Inc., to do the work. Our foundation was a monster, much bigger and deeper than is usual – $60,000
Harris Engineering – Grading and compacting the lot – $68,000

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