A House of A Different Color

December 12, 2018

Now that the wall texture has been applied, it’s time for paint!  When we first bought the house in 2011, the entire interior was painted Navajo White.  We thought it was very bland, and didn’t show off the architectural details of the house very well.  We had the entire upstairs repainted, with different colors for every room (some rooms had two colors!) much to the dismay of the interior decorator we had hired.  We loved the way it came out, and never got tired of our choices.  When it was time to head to the paint store this time, we knew we wanted to pick similar colors to what we had before, plus we now had to paint the entire downstairs.  We now know a good way to give your painter pause – tell him you have 16 different colors for the interior!  Hey, at least we had all the ceilings painted the same color (which is not the same as any of the wall colors)!  We also changed our mind on a couple of choices once he started to apply them to the walls.  Luckily, we chose wisely with our painting company, True Tone Painting.  The owner, Vince Smith is driven to provide the highest quality result for a truly reasonable price.  From the meticulous prep work to final touch-ups, he makes sure the job is done to perfection!  

The master closet with crown molding