February 4, 2018

Once we learned that our house was gone, we were faced with some choices on what to do next. Rebuild, buy a home in Santa Rosa, buy a home in the surrounding area, or relocate entirely. I was overwhelmed with the idea of building a house from scratch, and had actually told my husband years ago it was something I would never want to do. As everyone knows, the housing market in Santa Rosa is tight, and before buying our Fountaingrove home in 2011, we had looked at over 60 properties in the area, so we had a fairly good idea of what we would be able to find (although many of the homes we had seriously considered were now gone as well). Before finding our current rental in Bennett Valley, we had looked at rentals in Sebastopol, Petaluma, Healdsburg and Sonoma, but just couldn’t accept living anywhere but Santa Rosa. We looked at properties for sale in Carlsbad, CA, my husband’s hometown, and while VERY tempting, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to embrace the idea of uprooting completely. So we were back to rebuilding the house we loved so much, in the area and the town we also love.

Once we made that decision, we had some lucky breaks immediately. We knew our home had been designed by the Santa Rosa firm Farrell-Faber, because we had found the original plans in a garage cabinet when we moved in. They actually had a copy of the original design, and agreed to help us with bringing that design up to current codes. One of my husband’s friends is a builder, and although he concentrates on commercial construction, he offered to build our house for us. With these two huge issues out of the way, we felt we had made the right decision and jumped in!

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