Debris Removal

February 4, 2018

Before any building can begin, your lot must be cleared. We opted out of the FEMA/Corps of Engineers service, and together with our 2 neighbors hired a private contractor for the job, IMX. They started work Monday, December 18. We finally had our Certificate of Completion and clear soils testing report by January 11. Our lot took the longest to clear, we found out we had an amazingly huge foundation – probably would have survived an earthquake with no problem!  I really wanted to sit in the excavator and my wish came true!


39 thoughts on “Debris Removal”

    1. Joseph, we decided to go with a private debris removal company for a few reasons. The FEMA sign-up required indemnifying them from any damages to the property incurred during the process. There was no clear-cut timeline as to when the debris removal would be started or finished. Because we had a restricted time frame to begin construction, this was a deal-breaker in itself. Finally, FEMA wanted to take 100% of the amount the insurance policy would pay out as their fee, regardless of how difficult or relatively easy the process might be. Even with our extra-difficult foundation extraction, we did not use up 100% of the amount our insurance would have paid, if necessary.

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