Everything Takes Longer

August 30, 2018

Since my last update, the major rough-in work has been almost completed, with the exception of some of the electrical.  We had to decide on and select our light fixtures so that the electrician would know exactly where to place the wiring, and we had a hard time finding exactly what we wanted.  We loved most of the  fixtures chosen by the original builder, especially the chandelier, entry light and wall sconces made with alabaster shades.  We found a manufacturer in Milwaukee, WI, Brass Light Gallery (www.brasslightgallery.com) who specializes in alabaster bowls and shades, and they have been great at helping us select our fixtures.  All of the electrical work should be completed by next week, and once inspections are completed, we can move on to insulation.

We have two decks off the upper story living room and kitchen.  It turned out they were not sloped adequately, so they had to be reconfigured.  It was hard to see completed work undone, but in the end, it will be worth it (this is what we tell ourselves, daily…).  Now that they are sloped correctly (1/4″ per foot), they are currently being waterproofed by Division Seven out of Petaluma (707-769-7771).  This is a very labor-intensive job.  First, stainless flashing is applied to the deck perimeter, then all the plywood joints are sealed with 3M 550 polyurethane sealant and reinforced with polyfab seam tape. Next, three layers of Gaco Western UB64 – a tough, two component urethane Membrane (80 mils thick) are applied.  The finished surface will be tiled, a few weeks from now.

The stairs that lead to the backyard from the deck off the kitchen need a railing.  We had Santa Rosa’s Fabworks (www.fabworxinc.com) put together a beautiful design for us.  They dry-fit the frame yesterday, and they will add the hog-wire-type inserts, powder coat and install the finished railing next week.

The roof tile is being laid out, and we are very happy with the look of it!  There were so many tile colors to choose from, but I think we made the right choice.  We are planning on the stucco work to start in two weeks, and that will be a huge step towards completion!




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