First Plan Check – Resilient City

February 4, 2018

When we went to the City on December 21, 2017 to have our plans checked, our Architect, Kevin Farrell, sent his draftsperson, Bianca, with us to see what the process was like for his other clients. This turned out to be a huge help, because she was able to answer quite a few questions on the spot for the plan checker. Our plans were preliminarily approved (the 4th one approved for fire-victim rebuilders!), with some minor items to be addressed (e.g., the structural engineer had not signed the stamp on his page, etc.). A note on the structural engineering aspect – we selected a firm in San Luis Obispo, Taylor-Syfan, because the firms in Sonoma County were overwhelmed with work and couldn’t meet our timeline.  This turned out to be a great choice – excellent and timely work!  Our architect has sent additional work their way.

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