Grading and compacting the lot

February 4, 2018

The next step is grading and compacting the soil to prepare it for a foundation. The weather has cooperated, so hopefully we’ll be pouring fresh concrete by the second week of February.


4 thoughts on “Grading and compacting the lot”

    1. When all is said and done, we will probably spend about $68,000 for grading and compacting the lot, which includes trenching for the foundation footings and all of the drainage installation. Please keep in mind that our lot is not flat and has a lot of slope, both east to west and north to south. Flatter, smaller lots would cost a lot less for these services.

        1. No, we did not get multiple bids, only because we trusted the recommendation of our builder, RHI Framing. We have a rather complicated lot, being on a slope with the bottom floor that is below street level. We had to have a lot of debris and earth removed, and we required a lot of drainage installation for the multiple ways our lot slopes, both north to south and east to west. It’s always wise to consider getting multiple bids, but for expediency’s sake (and because we had a tight time window) we took our builder’s recommendation and we feel we got an excellent result.

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