Just a Little Blue, Plastic Box

July 4, 2018

It is hard to describe just how excited we were yesterday, to walk through the house and see a bunch of little blue, plastic electrical boxes tacked here and there – the electrician’s first pass in placing outlets and switches.  Thanks to having lived in the this house during its first life, we have a much better sense of what worked, and where we wished we had had more plugs!  We’ll be taking notes and then walk through with the electrician to make sure we have everything where we want it to be.  We have been very impressed with Shawn Homen, owner of Pro City Electric (707-545-2489).  He and his crew are extremely professional, timely, and have kept us informed on what’s new and improved in the world of wiring residential properties.  We are a little leery of having a totally “smart” home, but we want to have the options available!


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