New footings

April 5, 2018

Work has progressed steadily on the framing of the lower floor.  The individual rooms have now taken shape, and we can easily see the house as it used to be (with some minor ‘tweaks’ of course!).  We had an issue getting the dirt dry enough to compact for the footings for the top floor.  Although we had carefully covered every bit of it in plastic, enough moisture got through so that we couldn’t pass inspection after the dirt was compacted.  We needed a 95% (basically, the ‘dryness’ factor) and, at the beginning, only had 80%.  We had the top few feet of dirt removed, and worked in a load of sand and gravel.  After compacting again, we finally passed with 96%.  The areas for the footings were measured off and marked with spray paint, and the holes were dug today.  With the ‘atmospheric river’ headed our way tomorrow, we are again covering the area with plastic, although now that the compaction has been completed, we (hopefully) won’t have any issues.  Once the holes are formed up, we can have the rest of the concrete footings poured, with any luck next week.



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