Second Floor Going Vertical!

May 10, 2018

A couple of sets of Simpson Strong Walls have been installed at the front of the house on the second floor (which is entry-level from the street).  It is so great to see this beginning to framing the upper story!    The picture below shows the Strong Walls – the set at the right are in the front of what will be the master bathroom, the set at the left are in the front of my husband’s office.  They are a bit taller right now than necessary as they will be trimmed later, but the office has a barrel-vaulted ceiling that will be 16′-10″ tall.  Next week the rooms will be framed and the joists for the garage floor will be installed.

2 thoughts on “Second Floor Going Vertical!”

  1. I’ve just enjoyed reading all the progress you’ve been making- thanks! And to avoid this ever having to be built over again, you can now protect your home with flame retardant by West Coast Fire Shield.

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