So You’d Like a Little Water?

February 8, 2018

As we move from the grading and compacting part of the job to the actual foundation, our builder asked that we get our water turned back on.  Our water meter had been locked by the City of Santa Rosa Water Department at some point after the fire, so we called them, and asked that they turn our water back on.  Not so fast, they said.  Before that can happen, you will need the following:

  1.  A backflow preventer will have to be installed and tested by any company from their list of approved contractors.
  2. The sewer lateral will have to be inspected (i.e., a video of the lateral has to be taken by licensed plumbing contractor, and a report of conditions given.)
  3. Your interior fire sprinkler system (now a requirement by the State of California for all new buildings) has to have an adequate water meter size to accommodate the system – approved by the Santa Rosa Fire Department.  McCoy Fire Protection, Inc., of Santa Rosa is preparing our interior fire protection system.

We called on Bartley Pump for the backflow prevention, and Roto-Rooter for the sewer lateral inspection.  They responded immediately and came out to the property to help us out.  Our sewer lateral was in good condition, capped and staked as required.  There was some confusion about the water meter which has not yet been resolved.  We are in a semi-unique situation, in that our waterline is shared between us and our next-door neighbor whose house survived the fire.  The City cannot force them to upgrade their water meter to serve a fire sprinkler system they do not have to install.  Since we share the same box, there’s a problem.  At this point, it looks like we might have to install a fire sprinkler system ($13,000+) that we cannot supply with our water meter.

The entire situation is not resolved at this moment, but I will update once it is.

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