Some progress, some setbacks

February 19, 2018

We really thought we’d have concrete poured by now, but that was not to be.  First, we had an issue with one of the angles on our garage as the forms were being laid out.  It appeared that we would now have an adorable, but useless triangle-shaped garage!  After a bit of frantic phone-calling, it was determined that what was supposed to have been a 42-degree angle had been misread as 45-degrees.  Whew!  Some quick adjusting gave us back our rectangular-shaped garage!  Then we found out that the re-bar delivery was going to be delayed by a few days.  In the meantime, there were a couple of giant boulders right in the way of where the foundation was to poured.  This means that holes will have to be drilled into the boulders, and the re-bar will have to be epoxied into the holes, all under the watchful eye of the building inspector.  At this point, we are expecting concrete to be poured into the forms this Friday, February 23.

We also coordinated with our next-door neighbor (also a fire victim) to replace the deer fencing along our property lines.  Happy to see this project is almost complete!


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