Step by Step

January 3, 2019

A new year has begun, and along with it, the final steps to finishing the house! While the holidays have slowed things down a bit (I’m amazed at how many trades and businesses are basically shut down for anywhere from 10 days to 2 weeks!), the work is still progressing. All the crown molding, window and door trim has been installed. The painters can now sand, caulk and paint the trim and finish all the interior paint.

The outside stucco has been completed and the painters were able to paint the downspouts to match, so they basically disappear. The roof is complete, and the O’Hagin vents and chimney cap were all painted to match. The scaffolding and stucco debris has been removed, our exterior lights have been installed and today PG&E contractors replaced our gas line. We told them our concerns about not harming our beautiful olive tree which survived the fire, and they took amazing care to make sure it wasn’t disturbed!

Our tile installer has begun work on the outside decks. Once the kitchen and bathroom cabinets are installed, scheduled to start next week, they can begin laying the interior floor tile. The granite counters will be fabricated and installed after the cabinet installation as well.

We are hoping to be complete sometime in March, and are schedule is looking good so far!

Window trim, unpainted
Exterior lights, stucco complete, scaffolding gone!