Taping, Texturing and a Garage Door

November 10, 2018

After all the drywall was hung, the crew started taping the joints and applying a coat of joint compound (“mud”) over the tape and all of the dimples created by the screw heads.  We had them test out different texture finishes in the garage until we got the exact look we were going for.  The house originally had sort of an “old world” finish, where the mud is applied fairly thickly, and then troweled over lightly to make random creases.  It took a few tries, but the CVA Drywall crew got the exact texture we were going for!  It should take another week for all of the texturing to be completed.

We also had our garage door installed.  We chose Overhead Door Company of Santa Rosa  (707- 542-4949) for the door and installation, and we were extremely happy with their professional service.  The door is a Thermacore Premium Insulated Steel Series with a top panel of windows.  The Lift Master opener is a side-mount design which makes for a much cleaner look, with nothing on the ceiling but the rails for the door.  It’s also amazingly quiet, has integrated battery back-up and is wi-fi enabled so you can operate the door with your smart phone!



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