The House Takes Shape!

May 17, 2018

Every day we see some progress (except weekends, and why can’t they work 24/7 again?)…  The sub-floor is all down, so the plating and framing of the second floor walls has begun.  Oh, the joy of seeing those walls go up, with the spaces for where the windows will be!

It appears that birds are taking advantage of the framing to start building nests in the open walls.  Ugh, I guess we’ll have to clear these out before any eggs get laid.  As a bird lover, I’m definitely feeling guilty!

There is so much yet to be done to finish building the house, but to see the familiar shapes of the rooms we knew so well coming back into existence is so exciting!  I’m starting to wonder if we will see the ghost shapes of the house that used to be, once this new one is finished and we are living there…


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