Title 24, CalGreen, WELO

March 24, 2018

It’s no surprise that State, county and local governments all have requirements when it comes to building standards.  Those of us faced with having to rebuild a house from scratch might be surprised to learn of some of these fairly recent standards.  Since January 1, 2011, new residential builds in California must have an interior sprinkler system.  You must have wiring installed for an electric car charging station (you are not required to actually install the charging station itself).  Your home must be ‘solar ready,’ although you are not required to install a solar system.  Your landscaping has to be water-wise, with requirements on types of plants, irrigation systems and drainage management.

Title 24 is the name of the California Building Standards Code under the California Code of Regulations.  These are the regulations that govern the construction of buildings in California.  Part 6 of Title 24 covers the energy conservation requirements of the building code, commonly referred to as “CalGreen.”  When your architect draws up your building plans, there will be specific pages included in the plans for the CalGreen requirements.  Our CalGreen specs were prepared by California Living & Energy (CLE), located in Ceres, CA.  Soldata Energy Consulting, Inc., of Santa Rosa, will be performing two inspections for us, one just before the drywall is closed up, and one final inspection, to ensure that all CalGreen regulations were followed.

Title 23 of the California Code of Regulations covers the Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (WELO), effective January 1, 2015.  County and City governments updated their local standards to comply with the State WELO regulations.  The City of Santa Rosa enacted updates in December, 2015.  When applying for a permit with the City, the landscape plan is a deferred item, but must be submitted and approved at the time of drywall installation.  The County of Sonoma is not requiring a landscape plan submittal, but if one is submitted, it must comply with WELO standards.

If you’d like to read more about it, here are some links to a few publications regarding these regulations.

Title 24:  http://energy.ca.gov/title24/2016standards/index.html

CalGreen:  http://www.bsc.ca.gov/Home/CALGreen.aspx

Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (WELO) – City of Santa Rosa:


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