Update on “What Does it Cost?”

March 11, 2018

We have made so much progress in getting our house rebuilt.  None of that progress comes for free.  To date, we have spent about $255,000.  Most of that was spent on the things you would expect to need to get a house built – permits, architect fees, debris removal, grading, compacting, soils testing and foundation prep and installation.  Some items we had not personally anticipated, but were necessary, such as: 700 ft. of visqueen plastic sheeting to protect the bare dirt from the rain ($1,173.16) a large debris box ($887); temporary construction fencing to secure the site ($660 for 6 months); repair of the broken PG&E box (we think something big drove over it) $1,200; and 10 boxes of Girl Scout cookies, $100 (a happy crew is a productive crew…).

Our debris removal was probably double the average cost because we had an exceptional amount of foundation concrete that had to be removed, and the grading/compacting was higher than average as a result. And then, of course, we had to re-pour all that concrete, so that will be above average, too.

I know that many people are interested in what it will cost to rebuild.  I do plan on posting a more detailed breakdown of our costs, including some quotes we are in the process of receiving for electrical, insulation, cabinets, etc.).  Please keep in mind that our costs may not be reflective of what you will spend, depending on your circumstances.  Ours was a large (5,000 sf) custom house on a hillside (non-flat) lot, and that is definitely driving up our costs. We are acting as our own general contractor (owner-builder), but we did hire an experienced project manager to help us on a time and materials basis.

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