What Happened to our Moat?

June 1, 2018

After the debris removal, we basically had a pit in which to build the house. The tall concrete foundation took time to cure properly, then waterproofing was applied as explained in a prior post.  Finally we’ve been able to have our drain pipe laid around the perimeter of the house, and then gravel was poured on top of that to encourage water to filter down to the drain pipe and away from the house.  Now we can walk straight from the driveway onto the garage floor.  This is quite a relief, because before that we had to ‘walk the plank’ over what we called our ‘moat’ to get to the house – and I’m afraid of heights!

The garage walls have been framed along with almost all of the interior walls.  We are expecting roof trusses and windows to arrive next week for installation.  I’ve heard rumors that the house is visible from the freeway by Coddingtown, but I haven’t verified this info…


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